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Let’s get those tattoo brows going! Or maybe microblading or some permanent makeup! Get all the time back that you deserve that you lose every morning getting ready!

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Microblading Portland

Welcome to our page about Microblading Portland! Have you ever thought of Permanent Makeup Portland? Or what about microblading or tattooing your eyebrows? Yes? Then great!

If no, that’s still great! We are here to inform you all about us and what we do!

Some services we provide are:

  • Microblading
  • Microshading
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Eyebrow Tattoo and more

Just look up “Microblading near me”, and there you will find us! Are you tired of doing your makeup every day? Especially your eyebrows! Well good!

We can give you a semi-permanent solution or a permanent solution depending on what you choose! Just typing in microblading eyebrows near me or eyebrow tattoo near me and it is a problem solved for you!

About Microblading Portland

We take great pride in our work and what we do! We find each client that we have as a canvas that we are doing a perfect work of art on! Art is found beautiful and we want our clients to look at themselves as a work of art and to where they feel and believe how beautiful they are!

We keep all of our employees certified. We make sure that they have had all the education for this salon because this is nothing to be a rookie at. We need absolute professionals which is what we have.

When our customers come in we sit and listen to what they are imagining and wanting to be done so it is like they put their vision in our eyes and we make it come to life for them. That is how you keep your customers satisfied and happy.

We like to shoot for exceeding our customer expectations! To where they can’t even possibly imagine their appointment being so great, but it is! Our service is very popular in our city, because of all the time we take on every single one of our customers. They appreciate us recommending the best thing for them.

Sometimes they come in with one idea and end up leaving with another and are even happier and excited than they were when they came in! That is the goal of 100% of the time.

Why Choose Microblading Portland?

Our customers choose us over and over again because of the way we treat them and because of the work we provide. They love how professional and upbeat we are. They know that when they come to us they will get exactly what they want if not better!

Just some important things about our company are:

  • We provide several services such as; eyelash enhancement, microblading eyebrows, microshading eyebrows, tattooing eyebrows, permanent makeup
  • We are a certified and professional team
  • We are one of the highest recommended salons for people to go to
  • We have customers that recommend their families and friend to come to us

Our company has been around for several years and has been helping people in our community for years to reach the goal they want. We treat our customers like family so when they come to us they feel at home and very comfortable.

Give Microblading Portland OR a call today and we can get that free estimate for you and book you an appointment and get the look you are aiming for a reality special to you.

What to Expect from Microblading Portland

Our products are held to a high standard and kept fresh and new. We don’t let anything get old and dingy looking because that isn’t us keeping up on our products and doing what is best for our company or taking care of it well.

We keep our employees up to date on the service expected and required of them. We do regular meetings so they know of any updates we are making and to give them time to ask anything they may be wanting to inquire about. We keep our communication skills at an all-time high.

We expect our employees to have communication skills kept very high with our customers as well so if we have a customer that may be shyer to say something that they can get it out of them so we know that our customers are always happy with the work we have done for them.

Our customers like choosing us partly because of our communication with them and showing them that we care about what they are wanting to be done. We don’t just brush them off and treat them like another blank face. We see them and every face has a name and something they are wanting and that is our job to make sure we meet their expectations or exceed them.

When it comes to receiving our service it is a super, super, super simple process. All you have to do is call the location you are wishing to go to and set up your appointment and let them know what you are wanting to be done. You also may ask for a free estimate if you’d like.

You show up for your appointment and we will get you in as close to the scheduled time as possible. We will talk about what you are envisioning and go from there. We will get done what you want, and get you checked out and paid.

Depending on what you came in for we may schedule a follow-up appointment because some procedures require it to get the full task complete and done. But if not you go on your merry way with a new look and feeling fresh!

Services Microblading Portland Provides

portland microblading services


Microblading Eyebrows Portland is similar to microshading. This is where you have a tool that has pigment the color of your eyebrows and it is short strokes done to give off the idea of real eyebrows! It is only semi-permanent, but lasts for a long time!

Look up “Microblading near me” and give us a call about microblading eyebrows Portland OR if you have any further questions about the process.

portland permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup Portland

Look up, “Permanent Makeup Portland”, you will find us so fast! Giving us a call for Permanent Makeup Portland OR, we will be able to inform you of all the permanent makeups we provide at our salon!

We have things like eyeliner, eyelid shading, lip shading, skin shading in general! Yes, it is permanent and you can look ready 24/7! Isn’t that a steal?

portland eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoos Portland

This is literally what you think it is! It is a tattoo! But for your eyebrows! They look perfect all day every day for the rest of forever! Isn’t that awesome? Just look up “Tattoo Eyebrows near me”, and you will find Microblading Portland. We will be there to save the day!

portland permanent makeup

Microshading Portland

Getting your eyebrows microshaded is a fairly simple process! Of course, it takes time and a steady hand as all these things do, but it is such a simple process that will save you so much time later!

Microshading is where they use a handheld tool that puts little dots the color of your eyebrows to fill them out in the thinner areas! This way everything is nice and even!

Customer Reviews

I was so tired of my eyebrows never being even and taking the time in the morning trying to make them look nice so I finally decided to call Portland Microblading! I went in and got permanent eyebrow tattoos! They look so perfect and wonderful and I'm so thankful for the work done on them!

Not having to take the time anymore in the morning to do them for wherever I may be going that day takes literal stress off of my shoulders.

Kayla F.

I was looking for places that provide Portland Permanent Makeup services and I ended up finding the best place of all! I looked up permanent makeup near me and found Microblading Portland OR. I called to set up an appointment for permanent makeup for eyeliner! They had a wonderful sale going on for it and so it was even more worth it! Thanks for your service guys!

Baylie G.

I didn’t want to get eyebrow tattoos, but I found a thing called microblading! When I went in for my appointment I went in with the intentions for eyebrow blading, but when I was talking to the worker, and telling her what I wanted she recommended microshading to me!

I couldn’t have picked a better thing! Microshading eyebrows look like real and normal eyebrows and I am totally in love! Thanks!

Amanda L.

About Portland OR

Portland is Oregon's largest city. It sits on the Willamette and Columbia River. Portland is known for its bike paths, parks, and bridges. Portland is very eco friendly. They have great coffee houses that they are very popularly known for.

They host a lot of art, theater, and music. It thrives hugely in Portland. The sales tax rate is 0.0% and the income tax rate is 9.0%. The future job growth seen to possibly happen is 42.4%. The population of Portland OR is 653,115.

The cities and towns nearby are:

  • Gresham, OR
  • Lake Oswego, OR.
  • Happy Valley, OR.
  • Clackamas, OR.
  • Gladstone, OR.
  • Damascus, OR.
  • Fairview, OR.
  • Boring, OR
  • Many other areas!

Questions and Answers!

What is microblading?

Microblading eyebrows is when you use a handheld tool with a semi-permanent pigment in the tool to scratch a short stroke into your skin where your eyebrow is to make it look fuller and thicker in a natural-looking way.

How long does microblading last?

With microblading brows, it lasts anywhere between 18-36 months. It just depends on how well your skin holds color.

How much is microblading?

Microblading cost may seem expensive, but it isn’t for how long it lasts. Costs vary on what you are getting.

How much does eyelash enhancement cost?

It varies on what you are looking for. We pride ourselves in competitive pricing.

Contact Us Today!

Overall you can see that we have so much to offer you from our team! We are all about our customers and doing everything we possibly can to make them happy. We would love to give you our service and support and to receive your support in return by seeing our great artwork done on you!

Give Microblading Portland a call today and get that free estimate and get an appointment booked for you! Save yourself all the time of doing those extra things to get ready in the morning and be ready all the time! It’ll be a lifesaver and time saver! Can’t beat that!


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